Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thing 6

Why did you choose a particular photo? What is it about the photo that you found interesting?

I searched for photos tagged 'physics' and it returned a wide variety of results. I chose the picture I did because it's indicative of how a lot of physics students feel about the subject. A dizzying array of equations to memorize and not much understanding going on. If I used that picture on a flier to recuit students into my class, I'd be downsized due to lack of interest.

Presumably, this picture was taken in a college physics course. I say that because of the complexity of some of the equations and my own personal experience with the nature of college physics. A lot of knowing, not much understanding.

Originally, I told people I wanted to teach physics because it meant I got to deal with the oldest students in a high school (physics is usually an 11th or 12th grade course), but as I finish my first year teaching, I realize that's not the case. In hindsight, it might be more fun to teach younger students and get the chance to excite them about science in stark contrast to the physics this picture represents.

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