Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thing 11

I've mentioned this before, but I hate any site that allows anonymous commenting. I feel that users should be required to sign in (even if not done publicy) before commenting to weed out spamming computers as well as internet "trolls" who seem to enjoy putting other people down from the safety of their computer chairs.

When I kept a blog detailing my experiences dealing with the teacher certification process here in MI, I would often get random comments from readers and I absolutely loved it. Like most bloggers, I was really writing it for myself, but to know that a) others were reading it and 2) others were enjoying it made me feel like I was putting my time to good use. 

Commenting is an extremely important tool for educational use. In the one online class I've taken, commenting played a major role. Because we were using a university maintained community, we were posting under our own names, but the distance introduced by using the internet allowed people to speak their mind without actually being anonymous.

I'm not sure how well commenting would work in a class where the students see each other in person everyday, but I feel it would be worth a try. 

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  1. I think anonymity is important in an open forum, but in closed ones, say a blog that only a classroom has access to, students need to take responsibility for what they say. If the classroom is online, but others outside the class have access I would assign students alter egos (or let them come up with their own) so the teacher and the class know who is who, but the world at large doesn't. It's a tricky balance between accountability and protecting minors.