Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thing 12

I'm having trouble embedding the code. Everything seems to be pasted fine, but Blogger doesn't want to show the widget in preview, and when I go back to edit it, the code is gone. I've tried added widgets from a variety of sites with no luck. Also, using Blogger's gadgets didn't really work - most of them seemed to have errors and couldn't be used until fixed. I will try to edit this post when I get home and use a different computer.

I prefer to think of online relationships as supplement to the face-to-face variety. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family around the country, not so much to use it to create new relationships.

I think kids are drawn to social networking sites for the same reasons kids talk and pass notes in class - they enjoy socializing. This is just another form of an old habit.

EDIT: For whatever reason, if I publish without switching Blogger back to "Compose" or "Preview" the widget works just fine.

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