Friday, April 24, 2009

Thing 19

I used to love using podcasting when I had the spare time to listen to the files. Now it's more of a good idea I wish I had the time for.

The first podcast I chose is NPR's Science Friday. I could have students listen to a portion of the 2 hour program (assigned or student decided) and write a brief summary of what they've learned. The topics cover a wide range of science, so it wouldn't be limited to things we're leaning in class - it could be a great way to encourage students to explore other fields of study.

NPR - Science Friday

I would use this second podcast as an example to my students of what they could do with the technology. Students could create a weekly exploration of a new topic, or do a series focussed entirely on equations (we have enough of those in physics to study). Rotating groups of students creating podcasts on a weekly basis could be a full semester project.

Eagan H.S. Honors Chemistry

Definitely a lot of potential using podcasts in the classroom. I almost wish I didn't have to wait until September to get going with a new group of students.

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  1. Are you watching K12Science podcasts?