Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thing 8

I started with this idea from a web comic called xkcd that I read. The author is an avowed math & physics nerd, so many of his comics have references to science. I took that idea and turned it into a fake motivational posted using Automotivator, a site I've used for similar projects. 

This is the end result:

I love playing with stuff like this. I'm not generally a creative type in that I do not create things from scratch, but given a chance to stand on the shoulders of others, I can usually create some interesting images.

The Automotivator is one of my favorites for its ease of use. It would be great to have students play with it for a while and they could simply email the pictures to be display on the classroom projector without wasting paper & ink.

The montager was amazing for how quickly it pulled together so many images. I don't see using it in the classroom as anything more than a "this is one of the things that's out there" demo, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Not necessarily photo-related, but I wanted to decorate my classroom with science related quotations. To add a personal touch, I typed up the quotes in my own handwriting using my tablet laptop. Not everyone noticed, but the kids that did were that much more intriqued to know what you could do with the right tools. 

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  1. That is a very cool poster -- I'm sure kids would think so, too.